Height Safety Training Course

Height Safety Training Course

Members and collaborators of the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora had the opportunity of receiving a training course on safety in working at heights, directed by Ricardo Baumgartner, a missionary from Fraternidade – Humanitarian Federation, who is an expert on the subject.

seguridad1Monks, residents, permanent collaborators and general collaborators from the Light-Community who participated in this training course during October 25 and 26 received, firstly, instruction about the theory and conceptual basis of the equipments and safety techniques and then they went into practice by getting in touch with those equipments, taking advantage of all the materials that were available at the Community.   

seguridad2Paulo Pogrebinschi, resident of the Light-Communities, told us: “It was not just a mere training course on height safety. Ricardo, with all of his knowledge and technical experience, showed us how to perform the daily tasks in the community in a secure way and with the tools at hand. He brought into practice “the love that prevents”.   

The course dealt with various topics such as the recognition of the safety equipments and its correct usage, how to form different types of knots and anchors and the implementation and usage of lifeline systems for all the working at heights. The care that should be taken when working on roofs, trees and towers was also one of the main topics during the practice.  

seguridad3After receiving the right information, the usage of the materials was put into practice with the pruning of an eucalyptus tree at the R2 area of the Community, which had very big branches with a high risk of falling. As a result, the participants of the training were able to learn how to elevate and sustain themselves through ropes in a safe way using the available resources at times of need or emergency.   

“The importance of this training course is to raise awareness of the safety because if the preventive measures are taken, no accidents occur. According to many studies, working at heights is the second most dangerous task of the world. The sooner people are trained with that consciousness in safety, especially the youth, the better can many dangerous situations be prevented”, told us Ricardo from his experience.

This training course was complement to the emergency first aid and action first aid course that was given at the Community at the beginning of the year by civil firemen. This provides more experience to the group and raises awareness in terms of the necessary precautions that should be taken in different situations, in daily tasks as well as in catastrophes that require immediate action.