Launching of the website of Aurora’s Light-Community Fraternity

Launching of the website of Aurora’s Light-Community Fraternity

After the impulse given by Our Lord in the month of January 2019, with the requests to manifest the Sacred Center of Aurora, the Light-Community faced with a need to create a means to inform everything related to the necessary activities for this manifestation and how to collaborate.

With this purpose, the website of Aurora’s Light-Community Fraternity was created, so that those who are interested may have access to everything that can be lived in this Center of Love and Healing.

The website is mainly divided in the big areas of work that the Center carries out:

  • About Aurora: it contains who we are and what this space represents, Aurora’s attributes, pictures and the history of this place.

  • Light-Community: the meaning and purpose of group life, the physical areas, the activities that are carried out and how to participate.

  • Marian Center: it contains the sacred spaces that can be visited, the spiritual activities, what it means to be a pilgrim of this Center and other related information.

  • Consecrated life: this space contains the meaning of consecrating life to God and of living within a Light-Community.

Surfing through the internet you will also find all the necessary information for you to be able to reach the Light-Community, news and articles about the activities, the calendar with the coming events and other information in order to know everything this Sacred Place, consecrated by the Most Holy Virgin, can offer.

The “Campaign Sacred Center of Aurora” has a special site within the website where you will be able to find everything related to the requests of Christ Jesus for the manifestation of this place to occur, according to the vision of the Divine Messengers. In this space, you will find the updates of each request and all ways of collaboration so that whoever feels may be able to collaborate with this great project requested by the Master.

We invite you to enter and discover what this Sacred Center offers to humanity, as a precious gift from Heaven.